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The Boy with the Green Hair
The Boy with the Green Hair

***Masks, Proof of Vaccination (or Negative PCR Test), and Valid ID Required for Admittance***

United States, Unrated, 82 minutes
Director: Joseph Losey
Cast: Pat O'Brien, Robert Ryan, Barbara Hale

Wednesday, December 1, 6:00 pm

Admission: Free

Please refer to our website for any current COVID-19 relatied restrictions.

Peter Frye, typical American boy, is orphaned when his parents are caught in the London Blitz. He is not told of their fate, but shuttled from one selfish relative to the next, ending with "Gramp," a kindly ex-vaudevillean. Peter and Gramp, both fond of "Irish bulls," get along fine; but the morning after Peter finally learns he's an orphan, his hair spontaneously turns green! The absurd over-reactions of stupid people overturn his life as the story becomes a parable.

Hosted by guest film curator Robert Farlice. Farlice has a film and television background and worked at San Francisco State for thirty years. His two main interests are Third World cinema and Film Noir. “I like to delve deeper into a film than just watching it,” Farlice says. “There are so many aspects to the development and production. I approach my presentations so that a viewer can get a deeper understanding of the intent and meaning of a film.”

Robert will share an introduction before the film, giving some context and background information, and then will lead a short discussion directly afterwards.

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