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Permaculture Roots

Indigenous Science & Systems Thinking for Challenging Times

Tuesday, April 27, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Location:Online via Zoom.
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For many, permaculture is believed to be a practice and system of sustainable living, renewable energy and organic food production developed by intelligent academics and modern-day homesteaders. The truth is that permaculture’s roots go much deeper and to truly regenerate the land and community, we need to give credit and value to the true origins of this way of living and being.

Join Stacey Doll, Executive Director of Root to Rise, on this journey to discover the roots of permaculture and learn why bringing voice to the real history of these beautiful practices is just as important as learning these practices for yourself. How can your deeper understanding of permaculture not just support your own healing and reconnection to the earth but the healing and coming together for us all? How can the stories, history, and culture that provided the foundation for what we call permaculture be uplifted just as much as the framework and systems created for permaculture? Open your hearts as well as your minds, be willing to ask yourself deeper questions, and let’s have an honest conversation of how we truly regenerate the land and lives of all people.

Stacey Doll is a community planner, permaculture teacher, connector, and constant student of regenerative practices, stories, and history. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, she is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, and she obtained her Permaculture Design Certification, advanced certifications, and Permaculture Teacher Training Certification. She has led land use and sustainability planning at the local, regional and state level. She has taught permaculture and regenerative practices in college and high school classrooms, in backyards, with our veterans and children, and online. She loves engaging with the soil and species around her home in Littleton, New Hampshire as well as the passionate, kind and caring people in her community and region. Stacey is a co-founder, and now Executive Director, of Root to Rise (

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Tuesday, April 27
6:30 PM

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