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Permaculture Ethics & Principles (Part 2)
Permaculture Ethics & Principles (Part 2)

Guideposts for Life

Tuesday, June 8, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Location:Online via Zoom.
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Whereas many well intentioned practices are defined by specific metrics and standards, permaculture provides a set of ethics and principles to guide our work in regenerative, adaptation, and resiliency. The permaculture ethics and principles, originally created to provide guidance on designing gardens and homesteads, are often used as guideposts for living. How do set a moral compass for our actions to the planet and to each other? What guiding philosophies support our work in building a more connected, kind and resilient world? What do we value most?

Join Stacey Doll, Executive Director of Root to Rise, for Part 2 of this exploration of permaculture ethics and principles. Offered in a two-part series, we’ll examine these as guideposts for our relationship to our gardens and the land as well as our relationship to ourselves and to each other.

Stacey Doll is a community planner, permaculture teacher, connector, and constant student of regenerative practices, stories, and history. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, she is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, and she obtained her Permaculture Design Certification, advanced certifications, and Permaculture Teacher Training Certification. She has led land use and sustainability planning at the local, regional and state level. She has taught permaculture and regenerative practices in college and high school classrooms, in backyards, with our veterans and children, and online. She loves engaging with the soil and species around her home in Littleton, New Hampshire as well as the passionate, kind and caring people in her community and region. Stacey is a co-founder, and now Executive Director, of Root to Rise (

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