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Zeus Springsteen, Jessica Rabbit Syndrom, Death Pesos
Zeus Springsteen, Jessica Rabbit Syndrom, Death Pesos

Saturday, June 29, 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

The Barrage
1423 Stearns Brook Road
Holland, VT

Tickets: $10 all seats

Magic is afoot when these three beasts of bands make the journey north to unleash a torrent of fuzzy hard rolling rock sure to outdo the rushing waters outside The Barrage.

At the convergence of beauty and raw power, therein lies the sound of Zeus Springsteen. What by all rights should be a minimalist set-up of three musicians, instead serves as a sonic canvass, an engine that powers the band's vibrant and multi-textual compositions. From doomed love affairs to political intrigue to killer robots, Zeus Springsteen's songs are nothing if not mercurial - as is their sound.

Jessica Rabbit Syndrome Hailing from the backwoods of New England, JRS members Ali Evans and Amy Wild cross state lines to bring you freakiness that extends beyond a full moon Friday. The JRS sound is inclement weather, psychic renderings, and dark magic moments, wrapped up in a glittery blanket of attitude.

Hailing from Vermont and residing in Boston, heavy rock power trio Death Pesos are a bubbling sonic cauldron of massive percussive force; fat and powerful guitars that dance between chugging riffs and soaring solos; and distorted, haunting vocals which rise to the top of it all. Flaunting an overwhelming sense of tightness and togetherness, it seems like entire songs are tied to vocal melodies, nailing accents simultaneously and flawlessly; when they pick up their instruments, it’s almost as if the trio becomes one. (~Studio 52)

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