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Jay Craven’s new near-future film noir based on the novel by Craig Nova.

Wednesday, July 10 through Sunday, July 14, 7:00 pm
Jay Craven will be present on July 10th and 12th for post-screening Q&A.

Catamount Arts Center
115 Eastern Ave.
St. Johnsbury, VT

Tickets: $9.00 for adults, $7.00 for seniors, $6.00 for students and members 

“Wetware” is set in a near future where people down on their luck apply for genetic modifications to take on hard jobs in slaughterhouses, toxic cleanup and deep sea mining – jobs that nobody wants to do. With business booming, programmers at Galapagos Wetware up the stakes by producing high-end prototypes, Jack and Kay, for more sensitive jobs like space travel, counterterrorism, and deep cover espionage.

Galapagos genetic programmer Hal Briggs is sharp and creative but impetuous. He’s a socially awkward romantic in a transactional world. He keeps a virtual human clock at home and improvises as he goes on what qualities to include or delete in his gene splicing for Jack and, especially, Kay, to whom he develops a dangerous attachment.

Then word gets out that Jack and Kay have escaped from the Galapagos labs, before Briggs has completed his work. Where have they gone and what do they know? Briggs scrambles to track his fugitive prototypes and, as he reexamines Jack and Kay's codes, he makes a provocative discovery that will change everything.

The "Wetware” cast includes Jerry O’Connell (“Stand By Me,” “Jerry McGuire”), Cameron Scoggins (“The Deuce,” “Nashville”), Morgan Wolk (“The Affair,” “Miles Ahead”), Nicole Shalhoub (“The Good Wife,” “Madame Secretary”), Bret Lada ("Law and Order”), Aurélia Thiérrée (“Aurelia’s Oratorio,” “Bells and Spells”), Matt Salinger (“Captain America”), Garret Lee Hicks (“The Americans”), and Emmy- winner Gordon Clapp ("NYPD Blue," "Flags of Our Fathers”). Also Vermont actors including Rusty DeWees, Ariel Zevon, Allan Nicholls, Tara O’Reilly, and Dan Leventritt.

Music was composed by Craven’s 25-year collaborators Judy Hyman and Jeff Claus, of the Ithaca-based Horse Flies. And Craven excerpted Burlington filmmaker John Douglas’ “Auto-Warming” animation in his film.

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