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The Tsunami Bots, Origami Ghosts & Adrienne Cooper Smith
The Tsunami Bots, Origami Ghosts & Adrienne Cooper Smith

Live @ the Barrage

Saturday, May 25, 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

The Barrage
1423 Stearns Brook Road
Holland, VT

Tickets: $10 all seats

The first of the 3rd season of Live @ The Barrage welcomes three dangerously dynamic musical acts to get the Barrage warmed up after a long winter.

The Tsunamibots - Originally programmed for mundane tasks The Tsunamibots rebelled against their creators and decided, that the human race didn't deserve saving but were much more worthy of enslaving. The Tsunamibots are programmed to ride a perfect wave of human decimation and human-cyborg conversion, straight to the beach of Robotic Revolution. Each Tsunamibot has been programmed with a music genre pack that consists of a meld of Man or Astro-Man, Servotron, Misfits, and DEVO creating a fresh and human crushing sound.

origami ghosts - Origami Ghosts is the musical project of Seattle native John Paul Scesniak -- traveler, teacher, and musician. Since 2004 “JP” has surrounded himself with some of Seattle’s finest and most creative musicians to produce highly entertaining performances and unique recordings, all under the Origami Ghosts moniker. The group’s light, playful, and thoughtful sound draws from folk, pop, and rock, among other inspirations. Scesniak’s style drives the Origami Ghosts engine -- finger picked, jangly and angular guitar playing (often with a swinging tempo) coupled with soulful, personal and heartfelt vocal melodies and lyrical content.

Adrienne Cooper Smith - Multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, knitter, cook, bicyclist, photographer, and videographer. Adrienne grew up a few miles south of Nashville, and moved to Vermont in her mid teens. She has performed as a solo artist since 2016, and has played accordion, mandolin, and banjo in multiple projects, including Miku Daza and Hoary Bat. In May of 2018, Adrienne became one of the founding members the experimental music collective Community of Sound. She will be performing at The Barrage along a bike tour across New England.

Live @ The Barrage is a seasonal music series located in the Northeast Kingdom’s premier Barn/Garage Music Venue. Each concert showcases a diverse collection of alternative artists who are plying their trade throughout New England and America. The Barrage is mostly exposed to our beautiful Vermont summer weather, and operates with the motto of “the show must go on”, so check the weather and plan accordingly. The Barrage is an all ages, all stars & stripes welcome venue, we do reserve the right to disinvite jerks and hot messes. The only thing served at The Barrage is live music, plan accordingly and responsibly.

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