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Rock On
Rock On

Presented by the Great North Woods Committee for the Arts

Saturday, May 12, 7:00 pm

Colebrook Country Club
15 Abenaki Lane
Colebrook, NH

Tickets: $15

Rock On features Jules Rancourt on guitar, Katie Rancourt on drums, Bernie Walling on guitar and Thomas Jordan on bass. Jules has been a veteran of the music scene for decades, starting off with rock music of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, exploring country music in the ’90s, and returning to vintage rock with the creation of Rock On. Jules is joined by longtime collaborator Bernie Walling of Bloomfield, Vt., who brings his surf guitar licks out in full force. Thomas Jordan, a member of multiple area bands, holds down the basslines, and the real fire in the group comes from the drumming of Jules’ daughter, Katie. Her aggressive performance of “Wipe Out” is always a crowd-pleaser wherever the band goes.

The band is frequently seen at Island Pond’s Friday Night Live concerts, where people have danced to their songs long into the night. Popular demand has prompted the rebooking of Rock On. Their GNWCA show at the Country Club last January was one of the hits of the season, bringing a crowd to the dance floor by bringing with them the music we all grew up rockin’ to! Bring your boogie shoes and Jules and the gang will rev it up!

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  • Presented by the Great North Woods Committee for the Arts