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Mountain Money All Stars
Mountain Money All Stars

Saturday, April 8, 7:00 pm - Chelsea Town Hall, Chelsea, VT
Sunday, April 9, 7:00 pm - Seven Stars Arts Center, Sharon, VT

Tickets: $20 all seats

Patrick Ross and the Mountain Money All-Stars grace the Upper Valley with a fiddle and banjo celebration. Honoring the virtue and history of the instruments, the Mountain Money fiddle and banjo series has culminated into this layered exhibition with an all-star cast of eight players and twice as many banjos of all shapes, tunings and sizes.

The melodies, chord progressions, and song structures are a currency long traded in logging and hunting camps, and in parlors and on porches of homes in mining and mill towns. Because hauling a piano up into the mountains makes about as much sense as building Fitzcaraldo’s opera house in the Amazon jungle, the fiddle and banjo are the instruments of choice for this celebration of Mountain Money. Both instruments are easily carried, project with equal loudness, and are complementary to one another—the banjo’s staccato pulse with the fiddle’s legato melody—and thus have a long tradition of being played in the places where Mountain Money is the only available currency.

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