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Jasper Hill Science Fair
Jasper Hill Science Fair

This private event is designed exclusively for cheese professionals and is not intended for the general public.

Saturday, August 11, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Highland Center for the Arts
2875 Hardwick St.
Greensboro, VT

Tickets: $50 all seats

The Jasper Hill Science Fair is a full day of seminars covering topics ranging from cheese crystallization to rural development to ruminant nutrition, connected by the thread of raw milk quality and safety.

In addition to educational seminars, each department within the Jasper Hill Family of businesses has been challenged to create the best science fair 'exhibit' of their work. These tactile examples of different aspects of production will be on display during seminar breaks, giving the team an opportunity to share their expertise in a hands-on way. The winners, by popular vote, will have the honor of lighting the celebration bonfire.

A locavore lunch is included with the ticket fee.