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USA, Rated R, 101 minutes
Director: Tim Sutton
Cast: Margaret Qualley, Frank Grillo, Jamie Bell

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm & 7:30 pm

Tickets: $9 adults, $7 seniors, $6 members/students
Matinees and Bargain Nights (Monday & Tuesday): $7 adults, $5 seniors, $4 members/students

Official Selection - TIFF 2018

Three desperate souls must fight their way out of a dead-end world in this bracing, gut-punching glimpse into America’s dark underbelly. Earl (Jamie Bell) is a struggling ex-marine and father determined to make a better life for his family—no matter what it takes. Angus (Frank Grillo) is a violent, unhinged drug dealer who leaves a trail of death and destruction in his wake. And Delia (Margaret Qualley) is a haunted woman who will do anything to escape a life of crime she can no longer bear. In their kill-or-be-killed world, all roads lead to the Donnybrook: an illicit backwoods cage match where bare-knuckled fighters brawl for a shot at a $100,000 prize. It’s either a last-ditch chance at redemption—or a death sentence. After the acclaimed Sundance hit, Dark Knight, director Tim Sutton comes back with a mesmerizing, visceral vision of life that blends unflinching brutality with dreamlike lyricism.

  • Catamount Arts