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Art Journaling (Adults and high school students)
Art Journaling (Adults and high school students)

Saturdays: February 16, March 23, April 13, 10:00 am-noon

Catamount Arts Classroom
115 Eastern Ave.
St. Johnsbury, VT

Instructor: Sharon Kenney Biddle

Art Journaling is a process for creating small but rich visual statements within a sketchbook, an old book modified, or a formal blank art journal. The methods involved are a lot of fun. If you don’t already have an artist’s eye for this sort of project, you will develop one in the workshops. Art journal pages can be intimate and personal or they can be public statements for all to see, or something somewhere in between. They can be made up of textures or images, or they can be covered with words. Or all of the above.

This series of three two-hour workshops will give you hands-on experience. You may enroll in one or two or all three. Beginners would be wise to come to the first session.

Session One - February 16, 10am-noon
How to:

  • Choose products or ingredients for art journaling (we’ll go over five essentials)
  • Learn about the elements of a successful art journal page (Foolproof tricks)
  • Prepare a substrate or base
  • Experiment with collage and de-collage
  • Blend acrylics on the page

Session Two - March 23, 10am-noon
How to:

  • Round up amazing supplies in your own apartment or house
  • Get inspiration from art journal prompts
  • Build up layers with various materials (so that they stick!)
  • Allow a series of layers to show through on your page

Session Three - April 13, 10am-noon
How to:

  • Handle extra supplies that are great additions to your stash
  • Use existing illustrations or create your own
  • Manage writing or lettering on an art journal page (easier than you think)
  • Construct closures, add-ons and envelopes

General supplies will be provided. Bring your own journaling sketchbook, an old hardbound book in decent condition (5 inches by 7 inches or a bit larger), or a proper art journal (available at The Frame Dames or online).

Workshop Fee: $25 each, or $60 for all three (10% discount for Catamount Arts members and students)

Parents of high school students: After registering for workshop(s), please complete an enrollment form HERE.

Sharon Kenney Biddle has been teaching bookbinding and related crafts for more than seventeen years. She believes that old-fashioned paper-filled books, especially ones that we make ourselves, are not obsolete or irrelevant. Designing a book and building its contents are worthy, satisfying experiences. A book that is entirely one's own from cover to cover is a splendid example of imagination and careful craftsmanship.

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