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Ansonia / The Mountain Carol / Circadian Clock
Ansonia / The Mountain Carol / Circadian Clock

Saturday, July 20, 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

The Barrage
1423 Stearns Brook Road
Holland, VT

Tickets: $10 all seats

As summer bursts with all it's glory, let's gather together to blow the roof off The Barrage with a line up on breathtaking artists sure to bend your mind.

Ansonia - Boston-based duo pushing the boundaries of electronic pop. The juxtaposition of Charlie Henry's live electronic instrumentation and intimate lyricism with Ryan Bale's electric guitar sets up an emotionally engaging live show where the audience is free to think, feel, and dance. With an emotionally engaging live show where the audience is free to think, feel, and dance. Charlie and Ryan both bring a great deal of energy to the stage that they hope to spread to everyone in the room. Lyrics that focus on mental health and strained relations, Ansonia’s goal is make sure that people know they aren’t alone. There are others out there who have gone through these hardships and made it through. That doesn’t mean you can’t dance and smile while singing about it.

The Mountain Carol - Initially taking form via two reclusive childhood friends from the backwater town of Saranac, New York. Guitarist Austtin Petrashune returned home from Hong Kong where he had spent years playing the fiddle while, in the middle of the woods down the road, songwriter Charles Wilson had forsaken drums in favor of channeling his imagination through the piano and a broken Casio keyboard. After a fruitful period of personal and musical reconnection, the band found its ideal balance when they reached out to local impresario Matt Hall, a multi-talented Syracuse-cum-Plattsburgh fixture known for his many independent musical releases. While the band’s whimsical self-titled EP and debut album were released in a straightforward manner, The Mountain Carol seems intent on expanding the conventional role of a band.

Circadian Clock - A 4 piece rock band originally formed in 2008, and relaunched in 2014. Their fusion of many different styles may make it difficult to pinpoint them under one square genre, but they prefer it that way, and promise you'll enjoy the ride between Rock, Pop, Punk, Jazz, Classical, Metal, and everything else. They've played all over the city at venues like Lincoln Center, Webster Hall, The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End, and The Boston Freedom Rally. Their unique blend of cultures, genres and styles creates a sound truly unlike anything else. Dark musical themes juxtapose their playful personas, while their high energy performances are met alongside their intense classical training and a love for nothing more than the opportunity to melt some faces - and hearts.

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