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A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's Dream

with Classic Repetory Company

Saturday, October 13, 7:30 pm

Cafe opens at 6:00 pm

Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall
Haverhill, NH

Tickets: $15 adults, students FREE!

Dinner options(order along with your show ticket):

Decadent Mac & Cheese
A rich, three cheese mac served with a mixed greens salad, feta, toasted seeds & dried fruits - $10 (vegetarian)

Vegetarian Chili
A vegetarian chili with a delightful pairing of veggies and beans, served with a mixed greens salad with cucumber, gorgonzola, roasted pumpkin seeds & dried cranberries, chipotle cheddar biscuit. (Gluten & Dairy Free) $10

Salads can be ordered dairy free.

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” Love, in all its forms, is at the center of Shakespeare’s most magical play. In the forest outside of Athens, mishaps abound and hilarity ensues as young lovers, mischievous fairies and the forces of nature collide. This wacky, whimsical, and youthful production features live music, and a contemporary twist. Eight actors take on multiple roles, as the lines between worlds, characters, actors and audience begin to blur.

Now in its fourth decade, New Repertory Theatre has established itself as one of the Boston area’s premiere theatre companies. Celebrated for electrifying, compelling, and poignant productions, New Rep plays reflect our world and community, and regularly explore ideas that have vital resonance in our lives, here and now. New Rep shows are provocative, intelligent, and entertaining.

90 minutes, suitable for grades 5 and up.

Presented in partnership with the Oliverian School.

  • Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall