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Le Vent du Nord
Le Vent du Nord

Sunday, August 25, 7:00 pm

Trinity United Methodist Church
28 Bridge St.
Colebrook, NH

Tickets: $15 all seats

Le Vent du Nord is a leading force in Quebec’s progressive francophone folk movement. The group’s vast repertoire draws from both traditional sources and original compositions. The Boston Herald reported, “Featuring button accordion, guitar and fiddle, the band’s sound is defined by the hurdy-gurdy, which adds an earthy, rough-hewn flavor to even the most buoyant dance tunes.”

Band members include Nicolas Boulerice, who grew up with the family repertoire and songs collected by his father. His passion for traditional music led him to Ireland and France, where he learned to play the hurdy-gurdy.

Simon Beaudry hails from Saint-Côme, Québec, an environment where tradition is still very much alive. Simon inherited a solid family musical background from both his grandfathers (one a fiddler, the other a singer) and went on to polish his craft by earning a music degree at Joliette College. He now travels the world, displaying his sweet voice and his rich, personal guitar and bouzouki playing.

Olivier Demers is trained as a violinist and also a solid guitarist. Olivier started out in chamber music and later moved on to jazz.

Réjean Brunet started playing Québecois traditional music as a very young boy. The fifth member of the band is André Brunet. Growing up, it was his parents who first noticed his keen interest in music and encouraged him to follow his passion. André’s first love was for the violin and, at the age of nine, he began taking lessons. Along with brother Réjean, he created Les Frères Brunet and went on to record several albums and perform at various concerts around the world.

  • Great North Woods Committee for the Arts