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Cabin Fever Follies: Our Singing Nation!

Annual talent showcase

Sunday, February 11, 2:00 pm

St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts
155 Emery Street
Berlin, NH

Tickets: $12.00 (adults) and $8.00 (minors)

On Sunday, February 11th starting at 2:00 pm, St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts will hosting a number of talented local and not-so-local musicians for an afternoon designed to get you out of the house for a spell! Denise Doucette has been hard at work collaborating with musicians to put together a show that allows us to showcase the talent that we have right here in the North Country.

The theme for this year’s Cabin Fever Follies is Our Singing Nation. The artists have been working hard to find tunes, old and new, to represent each of our 50 United States. As you can imagine, some are easier to locate than others! Guest artists for this year production include some familiar and some not-so-familiar faces. Among them are Randy Messineo, Claude Pigeon, David Arsenault and Emilie & Sam Stiles. In addition, the pre-show will consist of musicians from around New England who previously toured as the top-40 band, Faded Shade. This group, colleagues of Executive Director, Monique Lavertu, is happy to contribute their time and talent to benefit the arts center and support an old friend! Come join us to see what else Denise has planned for you!

2/11/2018 2:00 PM
Funky Divas of Gospel

Music that enlivens your soul.

Saturday, February 17, 7:00 pm

St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts
155 Emery Street
Berlin, NH

Tickets: $15.00 (adults) and $10.00 (minors)

The Seacoast’s Funky Divas of Gospel set to entertain the audience at St. Kieran’s!

The group began 25 years ago on the seacoast of New Hampshire and over the years has performed in many different forms. Sometimes as a small band and other times as a band with up to 30 people in a gospel choir. All those steps along the way have led to the close knit group of today.

The Funky Divas sing with a purpose: to share great music. The spirit that flows through their songs goes back to the roots of music itself. It is universal and tells stories as old as time. It is hard rockin' and reflective. It is toe tapping, it is hand clapping, It can, and does, move audiences to their feet and into the aisles to dance. Recently after attending a Funky Divas of Gospel concert, a reporter wrote, "All bluegrass, soul and gospel fans be forewarned: if you miss this funky group, to paraphrase a line in one of their songs, it ain't nobody's fault but yours."

The Funky Divas of Gospel first performed at South Church in Portsmouth, NH. Since then, they have grown, performed for thousands throughout New England and upstate New York, and changed – constantly evolving, finding ways to improve their sound and vocal harmonies, making their performances more fun and entertaining, all the while remaining true to gospel music roots.

Sponsor: NH State Council on the Arts

2/17/2018 7:00 PM

Pushing the boundaries of Irish Folk Music

Sunday, March 4, 2:00 pm

St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts
155 Emery Street
Berlin, NH

Tickets: $15.00 (adults) and $10.00 (minors)

Sponsored by New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

Pushing the boundaries of Irish folk music, RUNA will be performing at St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts on Sunday, March 4th at 2:00 pm. Tickets, $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for those under 18, are available on line ( for a small additional fee, at the arts center office and at the door on the evening of the show.

“Best of all, RUNA sounds like no one else!” – Travis Rogers, Jr., Music Life & Times

Quickly gaining recognition as one of Irish music’s new “super-groups,” RUNA has been enchanting audiences by pushing the boundaries of Irish folk music into the Americana and roots music formats since their formation in 2008. Interweaving the haunting melodies and exuberant tunes of Ireland and Scotland with the lush harmonies and intoxicating rhythms of jazz, bluegrass, flamenco and blues, they offer a thrilling and redefining take on traditional music.

The group has been honored internationally, winning Top Group and Top Traditional Group in the Irish Music Awards and four Independent Music Awards including Best Live Album, Best World/Traditional Song and Best Bluegrass Song.

RUNA consists of vocalist and step-dancer, Shannon Lambert-Ryan of Philadelphia, Dublin-born guitarist, Fionán de Barra, Cheryl Prashker of Canada on percussion, Zach White of St. Louis on guitar, vocals and mandolin, and Maggie White of Kentucky on the fiddle and Mandolin.

RUNA recently released their fifth album, “RUNA: LIVE”, which was recorded at the BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD on Thursday, March 17th, 2016. Receiving lavish praise on both sides of the Atlantic, the album has been hailed as “an incredible masterpiece” – Marcene Bronson, The Celtic Crier

Seeking to preserve and continue a traditional culture in a modern age, RUNA creates the backbone of its signature roots sound from the musical and geographical diversity of its individually established band members. Their strive for excellence and creativity blazes a trail for the future of folk music, earning them the reputation as one of the most innovative Irish folk groups of this generation.

3/4/2018 2:00 PM
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